We started NMotion to provide key resources to those looking to create and build their next big idea. Why? Because Startups Matter. Startups create jobs, wealth, opportunities, but most importantly they create legacies. We want to help create legacies in Nebraska. Our mission here is take companies at the idea stage and help them move forward, faster — to connect and immerse them in the community while giving them tools, insights, and real-life feedback along the way.

Why Apply? Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should launch your idea with us.

  • Seed Funding – With $15,000 and access to over $100k in free or reduced cost services, your startup will get that much needed early boost to allow you to focus on building prototypes, validating the market, and getting traction with customers and investors.
  • Immediate Immersion – Our 12-week summer session allows for no-nonsense, all-in approach to learning and building a startup. We’ll connect you with mentors, education, and community locally and nationally.
  • Cohort of Fellow Founders – Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely endeavor. We put you together with six to ten other startups to challenge you and to help make lasting connections and friendships.
  • Collaborative Work Space – NMotion provides you coworking space at the new FUSE Coworking facilities in the Haymarket in Lincoln, surrounded by creative, talented folks in the heart of the Nebraska’s startup scene.
  • Pool of Talent – As part of the program, NMotion brings on a team of talented intern associates (designers, developers, business) to serve to augment or enhance your team during the program.
  • Exposure – We want our companies to grow and succeed and part of this success is to tell the success stories. We’ll give you a platform at Tunnel Walk Demo Days to meet with investors, angels, press, and leaders in the community to showcase your company and its accomplishments
  • Nebraska Roots – Last but not least, we believe that our location in Lincoln, Nebraska, will give you a leg up. Nebraskan’s roll-up their sleeves, work hard, and are eager to help others build their dreams.

So if you’ve got an idea and team looking to start something big, check us out and please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions.