In the past, we’ve modeled our application pretty closely to what Techstars and many other GAN accelerators use to evaluate companies. It’s a good template for getting a comprehensive snapshot of the companies and founding teams.

It also take hours and hours to complete.

I know from personal experience and from the stories I’ve heard from founders in our portfolio, applying to accelerators can take a lot of time away from building the business.

And I know from my time on the other side of the table recruiting and helping select our 2016 team, the application alone is insufficient to make a decision. We need other data points, face time with the founders, and an opportunity to see how the team works in order to understand if a startup is a good fit for NMotion’s goals and if we can help them.

So as part of our core mission to be aligned with our founders, we’ve changed our application process this year.

The Application
We’ve shortened the application on F6S – by a lot. It should only take about 30 minutes to complete. And seriously – don’t spend more than 10 minutes shooting the founding team video. That can be a timesuck if you let. You don’t have time for that. Get back to work.

The Interview
Once we have a quick snapshot of your company/team through the application, we’ll determine if we want to continue the conversation. The next step is a short 30 minute interview. Depending on how early we interview you, you’ll also have the opportunity to share your progress with us over the next few weeks as we get closer to the application deadline. This is a very good thing.

The Finalist Challenge
Based on all of these data points, we’ll narrow down the applications and invite a select group to join our Finalist Challenge, a three week period where we’ll be working with you remotely to see what you’re currently working on, how you work, and how we’ll be able to help you succeed. Make no mistake – this is where we’re testing the finalists to see who is ready for the intensity and challenge of the accelerator.

The Offer
In early April, our selection board will meet to select the six companies we invite to join our 2017 cohort. We’ll share your overall profile with them, including the application, interviews, and results from the Finalist Challenge. We’ll be making offers to companies the week of April 10th.

We believe this shift in our application strategy can give us a more comprehensive picture of your startup and allow you to see how NMotion can help you move forward faster.

So get started on the first step right now – apply here.

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