Learn About the Teams: Liberty

Liberty set out to revolutionize community transportation in rural areas.  So how are Valerie Lefler and Shashank Gajjala doing this?  Liberty connects the community in a way as to allow individuals with a vehicle to become drivers for others in the community.  This can be utilized in ways like going to doctors appointments, church, work […]

Learn About the Teams: Anvilhead Studios

AnvilHead Studios is a company out of Omaha challenging the future of gaming.  Steven Taylor, the founder of AnvilHead Studios, says “While hardware gets the users excited and software is vital to developers the most important aspect of gaming is feeling.” AnvilHead Studios is making this possible by a process called Continuity Gaming which connects […]

Learn About the Teams : DivviMap

DivviMap is the brainchild of CEO Justin Kyser and CTO Sebastian Blandon. DivviMap is a technology company that takes the pictures for drone mapping and process them into a more accessible file for the user to access anywhere. DivviMap is an intermediary between existing drone mapping companies and the people using these maps in the […]

Learn About the Teams : Fantasizer

“Fantasizr is an online fantasy gaming platform that can be used for anything,” says Dan Young, one of the co-founders.  This isn’t just about football anymore.  You can compete against your friends, colleagues and even your family.  Fantasizr is originally from Los Angeles California.  Some of the more popular uses for Fantasizr are with television […]

Learn About the Teams : LeverageRx

LeverageRx is a company that helps medical professionals everywhere with their financial needs.  Colin Nabity is the Founder of LeverageRx. With 5-plus years in the financial industry Colin was ready for his next challenge. Seeing a need in the medical profession specifically with younger professionals in dealing with financial situations they are not prepared for. LeverageRx helps […]

Learn About the Teams : Gear Supply Co.

Gear Supply Co. is one of the innovative companies here at NMotion.  Their goal is to bring quality guitar goods to their customers at a great price with honest service.  Josh Koterba is the Founder of Gear Supply Co. and with many years in the music industry as an artist he is ready to give […]