Program Manager Wanted!

Program Manager Wanted!

Do you have the chops to help new startups move forward, faster? Have you ever founded a startup or worked with an early-stage founding team to build something big and bold? Are you insanely organized? Do you love crossing things off your to-do list? Are you an inbox zero person? Do others think you’re the […]

A Few Reasons Your Startup Could Benefit from an Accelerator

Startups are naturally volatile. The initial spike of traction, subsequent plummet, emotional ups and downs and founder fights are all things that plague the first time startup founder. It’s important to run this very difficult race with solid people in your corner, fighting for you and your cause. Enter, The Accelerator. Startup accelerators are built […]

Highlights from 2015 Startup Week Lincoln!

If you haven’t already heard, Startup Week Lincoln was a major success! With tons of amazing events and great people, this year will be difficult to top. This amazing video by Silicon Prairie News captures the week perfectly! See the original here