Request for Lady Bosses

We want to support and fund the next great campaign, event, or program that inspires women to get involved in the startup community.

Our Background

Our Background

We’re the original and most successful 90-day accelerator in the Midwest. But here is the bottom line:

We’ve invested in 30 companies since 2013. Only 6 have had female co-founders.

We want to change this and need your help.

Before we can invest in more women-founded startups, we need more women founding startups. 

We want to crowdsource innovative solutions that inspire women to explore entrepreneurship, especially the startup kind. So, we’re creating this Call for Ideas to see what kinds of creative programs, initiatives, movements, campaigns, events etc. you come up with to increase the number of women participating in our startup community.

We’re committed to financially supporting the best idea(s), up to $3,000. Bonus: We’d love to help execute your idea and partner with you to promote it.

Proposal Details

Proposal Details

  • Your proposal must specifically benefit women in startups in the Lincoln area.
  • Proposal due date: June 8th
  • The proposal must be executed by August 31st, 2017.
  • NMotion may contribute up to $3K in one or more ideas.
  • We’re holding a Google Hangout to answer your questions and help you prepare your proposal. Sign up here.

Incorporate This 

Incorporate This

There is research that shows how to involve women in the startup world. Use this to your benefit in planning and creating ideas. Women need different things in the startup world than men. Think about these needs in your proposal. Here are some influential resources:

NASA did a study on what women need when working in the startup community. This is what they found:

  • Women want safe spaces. They seek out pictures of women on the event’s webpage and look for women’s names on the speaker panels and planning committees. Even having language in the hackathon announcement specifically calls on women can be helpful.

  • Women want to prepare. They want to become more comfortable with the physical space where the hackathon will take place and learn as much as possible about the topics.

  • Women want childcare.

  • Women want to contribute. NASA’s hackathons are open to people with diverse skill sets–not just people who know code. Women need to feel like they have the appropriate battery of skills to contribute.

Helpful Resources

Your Proposal

Your Proposal

  • If you are selected as a finalist you will have a chance to go more in-depth. For now, just give us a summary.
  • All projects must be completed by August 31st.
  • Give us an estimate to how much this project will cost.
  • (Teens, New Grads, Moms, etc.)
  • What do you think women need to feel more supported and welcomed in the startup community? How will this proposal solve that problem?